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  • End user

    • What is VRS?

      VRS stands for Video Relay Services which allows Deaf, hard of hearing and speech impaired individuals to communicate with hearing people in real-time via a Sign Language Interpreter through the use of different technologies, such as smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC. VRS is much simpler than making advanced bookings face to face and can avoid the frustrations of last minute cancellations and rescheduling. So instead, we are proposing another alternative communication method which is our VRS package. Our VRS package will enable you to contact an interpreter for your needs when and as often as you need. Just download the App, pay per minute and top up once your credit has run out. It’s as easy as that. VRS calls can be made through a smart phone, laptop or tablet, just make sure you have a reliable internet connection and you’re good to go. We have reasonable packages available for VRS depending on how many minutes needed, and this service is initially available for 12 hours a day. Additionally, there is a chat box on the App, the InSignLanguage App makes communicating so much easier, with options to suit you. All of our services are complimentary to each other. Sign up and get started – you have our support!

  • Fees and service costs

    We work with various clients, employed and self-employed individuals, companies and corporations and we offer both Face to Face and Video Relay Services, twelve hours a day from 8:00 to 20:00, seven days a week.

    The fees for Video Relay are based on the number of minutes of VRI service which include a flat monthly commitment and a surplus charge on a sliding scale.

    Face to Face Interpreting is based on time and a three-hour minimum charge is applied in accordance the National Union of British Sign Language Interpreters guidelines. (Nubsli)

    If you would like more information, please email us at

    Whether you are a large organisation or simply a personal user, we will create a package that is just right for you. Get in touch!

  • Using Access to Work Grant for our service

    We assist in the process of applying for Access to Work Grants from Department of Work and Pensions. Our staff members have a wealth of knowledge in this area and are able to support clients going through this application process. We work with both employed and self-employed deaf clients to apply for this grant which will enable them to book Sign Language Interpreters for work related support empowering their independence.

  • Who are our Interpreters?

    Our interpreters are experienced professionals who are either Qualified RSLI interpreters or Trainee interpreters working toward qualification. Many have grown up with sign language as their first language.

    All are registered with the appropriate boards.

  • Are the Video Calls recorded?

    Yes, as part of our aim is to deliver a high-quality service, we find it useful to record all calls and keep them for a minimum of six months. This helps us to improve our service. Recordings may also be reviewed in the event of a dispute. All recordings are subject to UK Data Protection law.

  • What warranties do we provide?

    We are GDPR compliant and take serious steps to ensure best practise. If you would like a copy of our GDPR policy, please get in touch at We are more than happy to share!

    If you have any questions or would like more information about our Video Relay Service, just email us at We look forward to working with you!